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A friend of mine had an interesting issue with her installation of WordPress.  She was originally using static html for her website, and using WordPress as the blog engine of the website.  She wanted switch from static html pages to using WordPress to manage her entire site.

The problem was that her main website (let’s say resolved to the static html pages, and the blog was installed in a different directory (  So, making this change was a little more complicated than just recreating the static pages in WordPress and designating one of the static pages as the homepage.

Here are the basic steps we took:

Step 1:  Change WordPress settings so that it thinks it now lives at instead of

This is required so that all of the wordpress links will still work

  • Log-in to wordpress as an admin
  • Go to Settings -> General
  • WordPress Address (URL) ->
  • Blog Address (URL) ->
  • Save the changes
When you save the changes, it will take you back to the wordpress login screen.  Then it won’t let you log-in and make it look like wordpress is broken.  Don’t worry, it’s not.  The changes have been saved and you’ll be able to log-in again a couple of minutes after step 2 is completed.

Step 2:  make resolve to the directory on the webserver that the blog is installed.

The web hosting company had the home directory of the website as this:

We changed this to:

So, when we went to, it now took us directly to the blog (but without the /blog in the URL).

Step 3:  Make a static page your wordpress homepage.

Here’s a video on how to make the static page your homepage.  It goes over how to do it and some problems that you’ll encounter, and how to solve them:


It’s about 11 minutes long and goes through it really well.

Step 4:  Change permalinks structure

We also had to change the permalinks structure a little bit.  We changed it to:

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